Early Childhood Educator

Being an Early Childhood Educator for the last 12 years it has showed me as an author, children still want to hold and touch books. People say books are out and electronics are in. But I disagree with what people say, “technology is what the kids of today want and look for.” Well in some cases yes children need it and look for it, but we have some areas for example books. Children need the senses of touch, smell and sight. Children who read or are read to are more in tune with what is going on around them. Note kids are not going out side as much as they should and forget to know how to play with each other with all the electronics around them. I say , “don’t take away the books.” People if we take away books from children we are taking there imagination away from them. When children are read to it gives them a vision of new experiences. I ask you the next time you read to your child or he/she reads to you watch there expressions and how their eyes light up when they reach an exciting part in the book.

Society has to understand that some things are better left alone rather than to move with the time. We still have books everyone, so start reading to your child everyday and make them a little library they can go to when they are able to read on there own. Show your children the meaning of taking care of their books. Once they have out grown them donate the books to schools, daycare’s or even send them to other countries. Wow what a gift!

Age of Technology for Kids

         I know we live in the age of technology and our children want it everyday. But we forget they need to have more than their IPad or their own cell phone, computer whatever they can get there hands on. As an Early Childhood Educator we see the importance for kids to be kids and play outside in the park or in the snow at the school yard.

Kids NEED IT!! People we have to understand yes they can use there computers to help with math or language, even to learn about things they can not see or have in there country (like animals, families or even science). I find more and more adults forget to let the children have the experience to touch and enjoy the experience of what we had in our childhood. 

Going on the ipad or gaming at home is wonderful but remember it is not a baby sitter, to help you raise your children.  Letting kids play games and get whatever they want because they scream or yell “I want it”,  is no reason to give in. Now I am not saying children should not use electric devices. What I am saying is they need a time limit and children need more than devices they need to play, laugh, touch and socialize. All these things are a growing environment for children. 

We keep forgetting to give children books to read it is a good way for there minds to grow and to have the image as they read in there heads to feel what the character in the story is feeling. Or just for the feel of touch and smell of a book , whether old or new to enhances there senses. Children need more books in there lives and not on a device in there hands. 

Remember books can be donated to schools or other countries even given as gifts to another child you know who may not have the finance to purchase one. Pay it forward for holidays or events with a book.

Puppets and kids

The way kids interact with puppets is just amazing, they truly believe they are talking to a real thing. This is why I decided to make a full kid size puppet so when I go in to daycare’s or schools to read my books. I can now take my Bogart puppet with me in order to entertain and keep the children’s attention during and after the reading of my books. Children are filled with a variety of different questions and always want to touch. This is why I introduce puppet Bogart because he is there to answer any questions they have and the puppet is made with different fabric textures. Feeling is everything for children they love to touch and explore. Children love it. Lets make children image and create by letting them be children and feel that everything is alive and willing to talk to them. This is what we loose when we grow up and forget it is a wonderful feeling to believe everything is possible and full of life. Lets put down the ipads and computers, phones ect. Sit down with your kids and lets image anything they want, so now we are not only creating but imagination is a feeling. Get out there parents and teachers and introduce your children to imagination all over again.

Lets be kids again for them and us.

Animal Stories -the best way to get a message across at any age is to do it with animals. Most books that have dogs or cats even fish doing the talking for the writer, makes a child understand what the writer wants the reader to understand. In the first book “Bogart the puppy gets a new home”, in this book its wonderful how it shows you how different we all look not only understanding the emotions of not fitting in and also how others see us. The children understand the difference with viewing the pictures. Pictures say a 1000 words children can understand with just pictures and some children may have experienced some of the emotions that are being acknowledged in the book. The story goes on to show different subjects and ideas. Reading books is a wonderful way for parents and there children to come together and talk about things that will go on in their child’s life. Weather its going to be regarding them or others around them. Pick out a book with animals and read it to your child. Come together with your child to teach them and have them learn about events which may come across in there lives.