Animal Stories -the best way to get a message across at any age is to do it with animals. Most books that have dogs or cats even fish doing the talking for the writer, makes a child understand what the writer wants the reader to understand. In the first book “Bogart the puppy gets a new home”, in this book its wonderful how it shows you how different we all look not only understanding the emotions of not fitting in and also how others see us. The children understand the difference with viewing the pictures. Pictures say a 1000 words children can understand with just pictures and some children may have experienced some of the emotions that are being acknowledged in the book. The story goes on to show different subjects and ideas. Reading books is a wonderful way for parents and there children to come together and talk about things that will go on in their child’s life. Weather its going to be regarding them or others around them. Pick out a book with animals and read it to your child. Come together with your child to teach them and have them learn about events which may come across in there lives.

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