Puppets and kids

The way kids interact with puppets is just amazing, they truly believe they are talking to a real thing. This is why I decided to make a full kid size puppet so when I go in to daycare’s or schools to read my books. I can now take my Bogart puppet with me in order to entertain and keep the children’s attention during and after the reading of my books. Children are filled with a variety of different questions and always want to touch. This is why I introduce puppet Bogart because he is there to answer any questions they have and the puppet is made with different fabric textures. Feeling is everything for children they love to touch and explore. Children love it. Lets make children image and create by letting them be children and feel that everything is alive and willing to talk to them. This is what we loose when we grow up and forget it is a wonderful feeling to believe everything is possible and full of life. Lets put down the ipads and computers, phones ect. Sit down with your kids and lets image anything they want, so now we are not only creating but imagination is a feeling. Get out there parents and teachers and introduce your children to imagination all over again.

Lets be kids again for them and us.