Age of Technology for Kids

         I know we live in the age of technology and our children want it everyday. But we forget they need to have more than their IPad or their own cell phone, computer whatever they can get there hands on. As an Early Childhood Educator we see the importance for kids to be kids and play outside in the park or in the snow at the school yard.

Kids NEED IT!! People we have to understand yes they can use there computers to help with math or language, even to learn about things they can not see or have in there country (like animals, families or even science). I find more and more adults forget to let the children have the experience to touch and enjoy the experience of what we had in our childhood. 

Going on the ipad or gaming at home is wonderful but remember it is not a baby sitter, to help you raise your children.  Letting kids play games and get whatever they want because they scream or yell “I want it”,  is no reason to give in. Now I am not saying children should not use electric devices. What I am saying is they need a time limit and children need more than devices they need to play, laugh, touch and socialize. All these things are a growing environment for children. 

We keep forgetting to give children books to read it is a good way for there minds to grow and to have the image as they read in there heads to feel what the character in the story is feeling. Or just for the feel of touch and smell of a book , whether old or new to enhances there senses. Children need more books in there lives and not on a device in there hands. 

Remember books can be donated to schools or other countries even given as gifts to another child you know who may not have the finance to purchase one. Pay it forward for holidays or events with a book.

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