Fil Nufrio studied in Toronto at Seneca College for design. Later in her life she had a choice to make for a new career. So she decided to pursue a career in teaching children. Fil studied at Loyalist College as an Early Childhood Education. She graduated in 2011, soon after she was in the school system teaching Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. She has been teaching children for the last 9 years as an Early Childhood Educator.

Fil has always had a passion for illustrating and writing, her very first attempt at writing was a book for her grade 12 English course which she had to come up with a story for young children.

Her book was called “David’s Wish”. This book was about a little duck who wanted to be an elf and work in Santa’s workshop. The teacher was so impressed by the story and illustrations, she had the pages laminated and binded. She ended up dedicating it to her oldest nephew Rocco. Fil continued writing for herself, one day she decided to write about her beloved dog Bogart. In 1995 she sat down and wrote about how she came to acquire Bogart in her life.

In 2013 with the support of her friends and colleagues at the school she was working at, urged her on to self publish the book she had written and illustrated in 1995 called ‘Bogart the puppy gets a new home”. Finally in 2014 her book was self published and on its way to being loved by everyone who read it.

She had great success with the first book that she decided to write about their adventures together, she recalls her 16 years with Bogart and how funny their adventures were and the adventures they had, had life lessons which children could relate too. So she set off to write her second book called “Bogart the Puppy meets a bully at school”. In 2016 she self published her second book and once again she had a hit on her hands.

Chapter/Indigo which is the largest bookstore in Canada invited Fil Nufrio to come in and do a book signing. thrilled at the offer and thrilled of how her books were being received Fil announced she would be making a series of Bogart the puppy books for children. This was going to be stories of Bogart and Fil and their adventures together.

What does the future hold for Fil Nufrio? She hopes that one day Bogart will be on T.V in his own cartoon series. She really feels children can relate to Bogart in his stories so she knows it will do very well as a series on Television.

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