Bogart The Puppy Collection

Book #3

Bogart The Puppy Forgotten At Home
$15.98 ea

Book #2

Bogart The Puppy Meets A Bully At School

Book #1

Bogart The Puppy Gets A New Home

To Purchase a Personally Signed Copy of the books details, Please email me at


These are reusable protective NON-MEDICAL fabric face mask. Please do your part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The face masks are 3 layers of soft polyester washable fabric they also come with 2 ear tubes for adjustment. Please note these are for kids ages 3 yrs to 13 yrs of age. Each on as the image of book cover of Bogart the puppy $14.98 ea.

Special orders take 3 days, email at


All bookmarks will have tassels in a variety of colors. Each bookmark is $2.98

(please note tassel very upon availability of yarn and stars.)


front of puppet.jpg
back of puppet.jpg

Bogart Felt Puppet 3D face, mouth with embroidered eyes and hair. Due to fabric change please note puppet will change due to availability of fabric. All puppets will still be premium quality and are hand made by Fil Nufrio. Only $9.98 ea.


Bogart best friend ChouxChoux

7″ Stuffed Bogart or ChouxChoux Fleece/faux fur animal to go with books. $12.98 ea

Bogart and ChouxChoux both for $20.98 per

All Stuffed Bogart’s are hand made and are special orders only.


**Special offers until end of April 2021

1- Purchase 3 books for $40.00 and have them signed by author Fil Nufrio.

2-Purchase all three books for $50.00 and received 2 bookmarks and puppet with your purchase. Including books signed by Fil Nufrio.

3-Purchase any 1 book with a hand puppet for $30.00.

4- Purchase any 1 book with your choice of T-shirt cover for $38.98.

5-Purchase any 1 book with coffee cup for $34.98.



Coffee Cups 3 different colors and titles covers $24.99 ea.

Now you can wake up with Bogart every morning for warm milk or coffee (comes with a spoon).



Paint your own T-Shirt $26.98 ea

Kids creating their own version of Bogart the puppy.

All T-shirts are hand crafted and come with a pack of washable markers. Your child can create his own colors for Bogart and then once washed can start again. $26.98 ea



Beautifully hand crafted pop-up Bogart cards 3 pack,
3 different options.- black and white color you own Happy Birthday, -For You and -With Love never are any packs are the same except for Bogart and greeting message. Cards measure 4 1/4 x 5.1/2 inches. The cards are always signed by the author Fil Nufrio. 3 PACK GREETING CARDS $7.98 per pack.
Large and beautifully hand crafted pop-up cards by Fil Nufrio the author of Bogart the Puppy. The card are 5 1/2 x 8.1/2 inches, comes with a Bogart button. The cards are never one the same which mean a very special card. All cards are signed by the author and the greeting and pop up are the same. (pin button may change) Large pop up Bogart Card $5.98 ea
Please note all items will be charged GST and shipping charges for delivery.
*Unless it is curbside pick up or delivery around Vaughan area only Tax will be charged.

****Bogart the puppy excepts —Visa, Master Card and E-transfer****

*Visa and MasterCard will be done with customer service **

*****For E-transfer send to

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